WhatsApp warning to iPhone and Android users if they fail to do this one thing

WhatsApp will lock users out of specific features if you don’t accept its terms and conditions by May 15.

The messaging service will stop users from doing things on the app including stopping you from accessing your chats and be unable to answer calls.

This comes after it updated its terms and conditions when it revealed it would be sharing information with Facebook, its parent company.

It revealed that the data would be used for commerce features and ads that opened WhatsApp chats and it and Facebook would be unable to see contents of chats or calls.

The news led to a surge of users going to its rival Signal and users declining to accept new terms that the company put forward.

But if you don’t want to accept the new terms, it could led to the app slowly being killed off for specific users, reports Yahoo.

WhatsApp users might find that they can't do specific things if they don't accept terms and conditions
WhatsApp users might find that they can’t do specific things if they don’t accept terms and conditions

After “a period of several weeks” the reminder WhatsApp will send users becomes “persistent”, it says. If users still refuse to accept the terms, WhatsApp will slowly prohibit access to the chat list. Users will still be able to answer phone calls, and can reply to messages in the notification panel, but not from the app itself.

After a few weeks of “limited functionality”, as WhatsApp describes it, “you won’t be able to receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone.”

WhatsApp will not actually delete user accounts specifically for not signing up to its new terms, but will delete inactive accounts after 120 days per its existing policies.

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