Web Development Tutorial | Introduction to JavaScript Programming language | WikiEngage

Web Development Tutorial | Introduction to JavaScript Programming language | WikiEngage
Web Development Tutorial | Introduction to JavaScript Programming language | WikiEngage

Web Development Tutorial | Introduction to JavaScript Programming language | WikiEngage : Guys what’s up and let’s start with javascript okay so javascript is really cool google key contents because what is javascript why it is used so i wish you learned it so concentrate let’s get started why how like this having many frameworks and libraries in it so in this course we’ll be only studying   about pure javascript uh also known as vanilla javascript in among developers right

so it’s a programming language having many libraries you can find node.js expressed here the ideas and whatnot   popularly used throughout the world so in this case every developer most of them use this javascript is programming language meaning yeah javascript is concentrated on this beginner friendly here we discuss it   clean up programming language meaning beginners words just start getting started with this   programming stuff you can choose it as the first program right that means programming language um but there is not any organization governing javascript why it is used okay all right so for making web applications i’ll be showing whatever application is and if you want  

i’ll be making a video differentiating between what the back location is and what is a website   right so what is web application meaning web pages having some kind of logic in their processing like 

  you have logic on the web page right how do you making a video if you want if you don’t want what   can i do okay for making ross platform mobile app yeah my first video on youtube was which camera  

choose as a cross platform mini the same as you are running on android and the same app   you can drop with a little amount of changes in the code meaning the same phone base you can run   on both android and ios and it is tough to understand no problem mobile apps meaning   your iphone or android mobile development   okay yeah my favorite also used for hacking if you want i’ll be bringing up a hacking tutorial graphical user interface meaning   like i’m running on a this pvd is running on a gui software called ppt or powerpoint

that sounds pretty techy and rolling but don’t go into the d you will be going together okay   main part while we learn javascript when we have many many others   such other javascript is multi-paradigm um meaning there are multiple ways to solve a single problem

  right so that makes this easy then it’s impact is beginner friendly meaning if you’re a beginner   just start and hit program then you can choose this okay now coming with that what is syntax yeah much as compared to other developers of other programming languages such as   but i’ll be explaining increases productivity right you when you’re coding in javascript   you are just dealing with ideas there are multiple ways of approaching a single problem so   yeah you can think of something new a new idea so that increases

  your productivity and the stuff goes to infinity there are many answers why javascript is better how to get started with javascript yeah we at google are providing javascript   for free yeah if you listen it correct javascript course for yeah for free you can also refer simplify now this is how i learned web development and there’s 

another popular channel clever program i just refer both of them   my writing is not retrievable but yeah you got the idea we have clever programmer and   web dev simplified and again this is not a sponsored video okay now keep going okay   so you can prefer web dev simplify clever program but yeah it’s pretty cool stuff uh to get a better  

peek into the web development meaning the chase stop the server stuff and keep calm   just be when you just face an error don’t switch to another programming language   but instead you should just okay i have to go unless just   must have basic uh strong in html if you don’t have no worry you’ll be revising   all the stuff my favorite must have a computer or a mobile device for development common sense   so now for you have learned what javascript really is okay now we are ready to code and find out the   mysterious world of doctrine by the way there’s another channel that is also pretty cool called   david not david dave and again

none of this sponsored me right so you can just get   many many channels are there the most popular traversing media even after this playlist okay after i should be cutting this after this place you’ll be having   a prior and basic knowledge about javascript thank you for watching and yeah okay so what we’re gonna discuss okay no official i’m just familiar with this list here and learned okay and then in order to list gui app what is web application   google is a web application menu i’m just typing some stuff and google is processing it suppose i’m  

tapping python it’s processing it displaying me the returns so that way you can code by using this it is a type of security vulnerability let’s just go to exercise let’s take a demo okay i have a site called playground.insecure okay so what is excesses if i put this is the whole web development course um as you can see by using javascript

i just had now for making cross platform see why to make it more interesting   let me just go to c ui c y is another it’s boring right if you don’t connect ui computer now yeah

if you’re not with some techy background this might sound intimidating now that’s the best thing platform gui apps that’s pretty cool first of the server okay we have seen next okay if you’re wondering how

i am able to type so fast just this is the channel you can just like the timeline from stack to this stuff we do have some other stuff second was playlist subscribe mostly clones right you want to really do that this is called lovely schools the website try okay so now uh what about this yeah he wrote comedy animation okay okay so thank you for watching we will meet in the next video

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