UK’s PM Boris Johnson Bids To Cancel Debt Owed To COVID Conspiracy Theorist

UK's PM Bids To Cancel Debt Owed To 'Conspiracy Theorist'

The ‘Covid Conspiracy Theorist’ has allegedly launched many claims against the PM (File Photo)

London, United Kingdom:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is applying to strike out a court judgment for unpaid debt, Downing Street said, after reports that a “Covid conspiracy theorist” had alleged defamation.

Johnson has yet to settle the debt of 535 poundsĀ ($757) following a ruling on October 26 last year, according to an online database of civil county court judgments.

“An application will be made for an order to set aside the default judgment, to strike out the claim and for a declaration that the claim is totally without merit,” a Downing Street spokeswoman said late Wednesday.

Johnson is named as the debtor and his address is listed as 10 Downing Street — the home of prime ministers since 1735 and one of the country’s best-known residences.

A “default judgment” is applied when the respondent fails to reply, and the Daily Mail said the application neither gave Johnson’s full name nor his correct address next door.

The newspaper and the Evening Standard reported the claim was brought by a member of the public, who said in her application to an online claims court that Johnson owed her 535 pounds for “repeated defamation”.

However, claims for defamation would be heard by higher courts, and the Daily Mail said the claimant “is a Covid conspiracy theorist who has launched multiple claims against Mr Johnson and public institutions”.

Johnson’s finances have been increasingly in the spotlight in recent weeks, in part over the reportedly lavish makeover of his Downing Street flat.

Asked if Johnson had any other unpaid debts, his press secretary said Wednesday: “You should not be concerned, no.”

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