Tekken 7 Teases A Totally New Character On The Way

Bandai Namco revealed today that a brand new character is coming to Tekken 7, and it appears this one is totally original. The reveal happened during the Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable #2, where it was revealed during the livestream that “a new character will be entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament in early spring 2021”. What followed is the trailer that you see below which depicts images of the country of Poland, showing off some of the country’s sights and cities before switching over to an animated sequence from the game. In it, we see a blond and gray-haired woman step out of a car being addressed at the Prime Minister. As she gets out of the car, the video addresses the threat, in which she reponds “I must win for the people of Poland.”

Who could this mysterious stranger who is also the Polish prime Minister be? Courtesy of Bandai Namco.
Who could this mysterious stranger who is also the Polish prime Minister be? Courtesy of Bandai Namco.

SO getting a numebr of things out of the way, several websites have dug deep into the researcxh and have found no previous characters in the Tekken series who hail from Poland. And some people who did deep-dives into Bandai Namco’s catalog coudl find no other characters who matched the description, nor does there seem to be another fighting character from another series to match. So this is a totally new creatoion coming to the game. In fact, it was revealed during the stream that Katsuhiro Harada had the idea ever since he went on a trip to Poland last year to have a character based out of there. What signifigance does the the character have to the tournament and how exactly is Poland threatened by it happening? Those are interesting questions that we’re guessing we won’t get full answers to until Tekken 11. For now, the character will debut in the Spring as we wait for the full reveal.

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