Andrew Tate Accuser Says He Choked Her During Sex Until She Passed Out

January 6, 2024 @ 1:54 PM In a new documentary from the United Kingdom’s Channel 4, an anonymous woman shares her accusations of sexual violence against far-right misogynist influencer Andrew Tate. She said, “I completely lost consciousness after he strangled me during sex. When I came to,  he was still having sex with me. I … Read more

Epstein List: David Copperfield Asked One of Billionaire’s Victims if She Knew About the Sex Trafficking, Deposition Says

While at the mansion of billionaire sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein sometime in the early 2000s, celebrity illusionist David Copperfield once asked one of the young women there if she was aware of Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme. That’s according to Johanna Sjoberg, the young woman in question who was one of Epstein’s victims and later testified … Read more

Fox News Anchors Worry Trump’s ‘Poisoning the Blood’ Anti-Immigrant Comments Will Overshadow Gay Senate Sex Tape Scandal

“Fox and Friends Weekend” coanchor Will Cain expressed concern Sunday morning that the “big story” of a Democratic aide allegedly filming himself having sex in a Senate hearing room would be buried by former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant comments made Saturday proclaiming that immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of the nation. Cain added that he … Read more