Fox News Segment Backfires When Psychic Predicts ‘Sense of Loss’ for Trump in 2024 | Video

January 3, 2024 @ 10:56 AM Psychic Paula Roberts pulled a not-so-fortunate card when predicting Donald Trump’s 2024 election chances on Fox News with Jesse Watters. Watters introduced Roberts, also known as “the English psychic,” on Tuesday’s segment of his show, and he asked her for a reading on the former president. “I would like, … Read more

Joe Biden’s New Year’s Resolution Is ‘Stay Alive,’ Fox & Friends Joke | Video

January 1, 2024 @ 12:51 PM While vacationing in St. Croix, President Joe Biden told reporters that his New Year’s resolution is “to come back next year,” which Fox News hosts joked meant he was resolving to “stay alive.” After viewing the clip of Biden speaking to a reporter in St. Croix on Sunday, “Fox … Read more

Ted Cruz Makes Fox Host Defend MSNBC After Saying ‘They Don’t Cover News’ | Video

December 24, 2023 @ 3:30 PM Fox News host Howard Kurtz found himself in the unusual position of defending rival MSNBC after Sen. Ted Cruz went on a rant against the network. After Kurtz asked Cruz if most media outlets are run by “wild-eyed liberals,” the senator swiftly answered, “Well, for whatever reason, yes. And … Read more

Fox News Anchors Worry Trump’s ‘Poisoning the Blood’ Anti-Immigrant Comments Will Overshadow Gay Senate Sex Tape Scandal

“Fox and Friends Weekend” coanchor Will Cain expressed concern Sunday morning that the “big story” of a Democratic aide allegedly filming himself having sex in a Senate hearing room would be buried by former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant comments made Saturday proclaiming that immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of the nation. Cain added that he … Read more