Disney Employee Accuses Company of Covering Up Sexual Assault by Former Exec in New Lawsuit

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, a Disney employee says she was sexually assaulted by a a former executive, and further accuses the company of covering up both that attack and a larger pattern of sexual misconduct, and then retaliating against her. The suit names Disney, former vice president of distribution Nolan Gonzales, Searchlight and 20th … Read more

Ana Ofelia Murguía, Mexican Actress Who Voiced Disney ‘Coco’ Grandmother, Dies at 90

January 1, 2024 @ 2:08 PM Ana Ofelia Murguía, a renowned Mexican actress who voiced Mama Coco in the 2017 Pixar film “Coco,” died Sunday at the age of 90. The news of her passing was shared on social media by Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura (National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, aka … Read more

Disney Loses ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Case Over Visual Effects Technology

A jury has ruled that Walt Disney Studios infringed on the intellectual property rights of visual effects firm Rearden when it utilized the company’s MOVA Contour software without permission in the 2017 film “Beauty and the Beast.” The decision states that Disney failed to properly license the MOVA Contour technology, owned by Rearden, despite knowing … Read more