Cheddar News Sold to Archetype in Earn-Out Deal After $200 Million Sale in 2019

Altice USA closed a deal on Thursday to sell the youth-skewing business news streaming channel Cheddar News to Archetype, a media company owned by private equity firm Regent LP. “Cheddar has helped transform the way millennials have accessed television news since its groundbreaking debut broadcast from an iPhone in 2016,” Archetype said in a statement. … Read more

George Conway Throws Water on Notion of a Trump Victory From Supreme Court Decision: ‘Isn’t a Big Deal’ | Video

December 22, 2023 @ 5:26 PM Count George Conway among those who are less than impressed by the Supreme Court’s decision Friday to pass on an expedited request to decide whether Donald Trump is protected by immunity in the Jan. 6-related federal case against him. Conway is the conservative attorney and now TV analyst who … Read more