‘The Brothers Sun’ Review: Michelle Yeoh Anchors Netflix’s Stylized Gangster Series

Instead of shunning martial arts as cliché or stereotypical, many Asian creatives have leaned into that audience familiarity to help tell complex stories surrounding their experiences in this country and beyond. Michelle Yeoh has played a role in some of these recent efforts, including Disney+’s “American Born Chinese” and Marvel’s box office smash “Shang-Chi and … Read more

Fox News Anchors Worry Trump’s ‘Poisoning the Blood’ Anti-Immigrant Comments Will Overshadow Gay Senate Sex Tape Scandal

“Fox and Friends Weekend” coanchor Will Cain expressed concern Sunday morning that the “big story” of a Democratic aide allegedly filming himself having sex in a Senate hearing room would be buried by former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant comments made Saturday proclaiming that immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of the nation. Cain added that he … Read more