‘SNL’: Colin Jost Forces Michael Che to Tell Jews and Muslims ‘Y’all Need Jesus’ in Weekend Update Joke Swap | Video

This week marked the annual holiday episode of “Saturday Night Live” and, in grand Weekend Update tradition, hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che wrote some wholly disrespectful jokes for each other to read live, without ever having seen the punchlines. As always, it led to some chaotic results — including Michael Che telling both Muslims and Jews that “y’all need Jesus.”

The punchline came near the end of the segment, as Che noted that it’s the holidays, and he doesn’t want to go out on such bleak jokes (more on those momentarily), especially considering the conflict going on in Israel and Gaza. But, Jost had one more rough joke for Che to make, as the host admitted he’s learned something important in this conflict.

“Whether you’re Jewish or Muslim, y’all need Jesus,” Che said, laughing in shame.

And for those wondering, no, the hosts didn’t work their way up to that; the segment started off with Che having Jost roast former president Barack Obama, calling him “a dodo I’d like to reintroduce to Africa,” in light of reports that scientists have developed a “de-extinction plan” for the bird.

Jost was also forced to joke about the Adult Survivors Act in New York, which allowed victims of sexual abuse a one-year window to file claims that would otherwise be past the statute of limitations for sexual crimes.

“Figures, ’cause bitches love bringing up old stuff, am I right?” Jost begrudgingly joked.

Che also forced Jost to roast his own wife, Scarlett Johansson. Noting that New York allows alcohol to be served in theaters, Jost joked that that’s “how I’m finally able to enjoy my wife’s little art movies.” Che added a caveat for Jost though, praising his wife’s work…in the worst way.

“If you ask me, you’re an even better Black Widow than Coretta Scott King,” Jost said, hanging his head in shame.

You can watch Colin Jost and Michael Che’s joke swap in the video above.

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