Relief Along With Disaster In The Country, Corona Cases Increased But Major Decline In Death Cases, See Data

The number of new corona cases and deaths in India continues to fluctuate. Even though the cases of deaths due to corona in one day on Wednesday broke the world record, but today it is getting relief on Thursday. There has been a big fall in deaths from Corona in the country on Thursday and 3,880 people have lost their lives in the last 24 hours. Whereas on Wednesday, the same figure was 4,529 in 24 hours, which is the highest number of this period worldwide.

According to the Health Ministry data, 276,261 new cases of corona have been reported in India in the last 24 hours, while 3,880 people have lost their lives due to the Kovid 19 pandemic. The best part is that on Thursday there were more number of people recovering from it than new cases. Around 368788 people recovered from Corona during this period. This is the first time since May 15 that the number of people who died from Corona in one day has gone down to 4 thousand.

At present, the total number of corona cases in the country has crossed 25771405, while the number of active cases is 3125140. So far 22348683 people have been cured of the Corona epidemic in the country and about 287156 people have died in the cheek of the times. The most devastation in India is being seen in Maharashtra. Here the total number of deaths from Corona has crossed 84371.

India has by far the highest number of deaths from Corona on Wednesday. In its first day, the highest number of deaths was recorded in the US. During the second wave in the US, there were 4468 deaths on January 12, which was the highest figure in the world before it. More than 40 percent of new corona cases are being registered in India every day, while every third death in the world is happening in India. The number of people who lost their lives in the country has increased to 2,83,248. The number of corona virus infections worldwide has exceeded 16.42 crores and so far more than 34.04 lakh people have died due to this epidemic.

Corona probe crosses 32 crores:

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), a total of 32,03,01,177 samples in the country have been tested for Kovid-19 so far. Of these, 20,08,296 samples were tested on Tuesday.

Transition in India reduced but highest in the world: WHO

India saw a 13 percent drop in new cases of Kovid-19 in the past week. Despite this, new cases of infection are the highest in India. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said this. Last week saw a steady decrease in new cases and deaths worldwide, according to data received by the WHO from national authorities until 16 May. During this period, more than 48 lakh new cases were reported and new death cases were below 86,000. It has decreased by 12 percent and five percent respectively from the previous week. 23,87,663 new cases were found in India, which decreased by 13 percent from the previous week. The most weekly new cases of deaths have also been reported from India and 27,922 deaths were reported. Two new patients are dying per one lakh population in India, a four percent increase.

Less infections and deaths in America than India:

After America, India is the most affected country in terms of number of corona infections. So far, there have been 6,01,330 deaths due to infection in America, but now less than a thousand deaths are occurring here every day. In the US, only 27,506 new cases of infection were reported during the 24 hours while 733 people died. At present, the total number of infected in the US is 33,774,945, while in India, the number of infected increased to 2,54,96,330 after 2,67,334 new cases were reported in this period.

Brazil ahead of India in death case

Brazil ranks second and India is third in the world in deaths from corona. In Brazil, 74,279 new cases were received in the last 24 hours as the infection increased once again, increasing the number of infected to 15.5 million. During this period, the death toll from the epidemic has increased to 4.39 lakhs, due to 2517 deaths. In Brazil, there were 4211 deaths within a day on April 6, 2021, which is the highest number of deaths in a single day there.

Understand how these cases of corona have fluctuated in May.

19 May 2021: 276,261 new cases and 3,880 deaths.
18 May 2021: 267,174 new cases and 4,525 deaths.
17 May 2021: 263,045 new cases and 4,340 deaths.
16 May 2021: 281,860 new cases and 4,092 deaths.
15 May 2021: 310,822 new cases and 4,090 deaths
14 May 2021: 326,123 new cases and 3,879 deaths
13 May 2021: 343,288 new cases and 3,999 deaths.
12 May 2021: 362,406 new cases and 4,126 deaths.
11 May 2021: 348,529 new cases and 4,200 deaths
10 May 2021: 329,517 new cases and 3,879 deaths
9 May 2021: 366,499 new cases and 3,748 deaths.
8 May 2021: 409,300 new cases and 4,133 deaths
7 May 2021: 401,326 new cases and 4,194 deaths.
6 May 2021: 414,433 new cases and 3,920 deaths.
5 May 2021: 412,618 new cases and 3,982 deaths.
4 May 2021: 382,691 new cases and 3,786 deaths.
3 May 2021: 355,828 new cases and 3,438 deaths.
2 May 2021: 370,059 new cases and 3,422 deaths.
1 May 2021: 392,562 new cases and 3,688 deaths.


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