PVC imports into Ukraine fell by 40% in Jan-Apr, exports up by 10%

MOSCOW (MRC)–Imports of
suspension polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) into
Ukraine decreased by 40% in the first four
months of this year, compared to the same
period in 2020 and reached about 8,600 tonnes.
Sales of Ukrainian PVC to foreign markets
increased by 10% year on year on a higher
prices in the foreign markets, according to a
MRC”sĀ DataScope report.

Last month, imports of SPVC to the Ukrainian
market rose to 2,200 tonnes against 1,700
tonnes, despite serious export restrictions,
local companies still managed to slightly
increase purchases of European PVC. Overall
SPVC imports exceeded 8,600 tonnes in
January-April 2021, compared to 14,300 tonnes a
year earlier.

Limited export quotas from European and North
American producers were the main reason for
such a serious drop in imports. European
producers with the share of about 97% of the
total imports over the stated period were the
key suppliers of PVC to the Ukrainian market.

Last month, Karpatneftekhim increased the
volume of external sales, the export sales of
Ukrainian PVC amounted to 19,100 tonnes against
18,800 tonnes in March. Overall, about 79,500
tonnes were shipped for export in the first
four months of 2021, compared to 72,300 tonnes
a year earlier.

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