PUBG Mobile India launch date, PUBG New State features, weapons

As lakhs of PUBG mobile lovers in India are waiting for the launch of PUBG Mobile India, PUBG developers have launched a new game called PUBG New State and fans are already excited about the new game.

It is to be noted that the pre-registration for PUBG New State has already started and players across the world have already started to pre-register for the new game.

Note: The bad news is that mobile gamers in India cannot pre-register for PUBG New State and gamers can only hope for the speedy release of PUBG Mobile India.

Best features of PUBG New State (Mobile):

1. Weapons Performance

In PUBG New State, players will get the option to accentuate the performance of their weapons. The players need to get a hang of customization kit. “These kits will transform weapons in different ways, such as performance enhancements, fire mode selection, and grenade launcher attachments,” stated the press release.

2. Futuristic backdrop and sci-fi weapons

PUBG New State is set in the year 2051. In this game, players will land on a brand new Battle Royale map called Troi where they will fight for their survival. Players will use ultra-modern weapons like ballistic shields to drones to defeat their enemies.

3. Highly improved graphics

The graphics of PUBG New State will be larger-than-life and it is expected that the game would set a benchmark for graphics in the world of mobile gaming.

It is to be noted that PUBG Mobile India was banned by the Indian government in September 2020 due to data privacy concerns. While PUBG developers are yet to make any official announcement regarding the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India, speculations are rife that PUBG Mobile India would be relaunched soon. The possibilities of the game’s return have increased due to constant job listings by the company on LinkedIn.

AFK Gaming recently reported that Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hyunil Sohn have been registered as the directors of PUBG India Pvt. Ltd. Hyunil Sohn is the Head Of Corporate Development at KRAFTON Inc.

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