PS5 Now Selling Faster Than PS4 In Japan, Reversing Early Trends

New data shows PlayStation 5 sales have begun to outpace those of the PlayStation 4 in Japan, despite the former’s historically soft launch.

Recent data shows PlayStation 5 sales have begun to outpace those of the PlayStation 4 in Japan, despite the historically soft launch of Sony‘s newest console. Though preorder numbers were strong, doom and gloom fell when early reports suggested PS5 had the lowest launch sales of any PlayStation platform in Japan. In fact, concerns from several months ago hinted that such a slow trajectory could mean PS5 would only move half of PS4’s lifetime sales in the region.

This prediction warranted a closer look beyond the nascent sales data. For example, the final weeks of 2020 were inundated with claims that PlayStation’s focus had shifted away from the Japanese market. Brand President and CEO Jim Ryan refuted the rumors and speculation outright, saying Sony’s home market remained integral to the business as a whole. Ryan’s words did little to allay the aforementioned fears, though. And the worries were soon thereafter exacerbated by news of Japan Studio’s closure. It appears the tide has turned to some degree, however.

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According to a weekly sales report from Japanese publication Famitsu, the PlayStation 5 recently moved another 30,000 units in the region. TwistedVoxel notes the increase brings the PS5’s current total in Japan to an impressive 689,000 units sold. That’s about 40,000 more consoles sold than the PlayStation 4, which in the same time frame (25 weeks post-launch) had shifted 648,000 units in Sony’s home country.

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These updated sales figures paint a completely different picture compared to early trends. Notably, they show that, as many previously predicted, the PS5’s disappointing launch in Japan was the fault of console stock shortages. It’s clear the system is selling like hot cakes whenever more stock becomes available.

The uptick in sales may continue in the months ahead, should the console’s availability allow for it. PlayStation Studios brought Returnal to market late last month and soon PS5 owners will have yet another big exclusive to get their hands on with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart‘s arrival in June. And everything shown, thus far, indicates Insomniac’s upcoming adventure will act as a true showpiece for the new hardware. The visuals are impressive, of course, but the true test of the latest tech appears as though it will center around Rift Apart’s incredible dimension-hopping capabilities, all backed by the PlayStation 5‘s powerful SSD.

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Source: Famitsu, TwistedVoxel

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