Pandya Store Rishita Apologizes To Raavi Watch 13th May 2021 Episode

The recent episode of Pandya Store begins where Raavi gets misunderstood by Shiva and says that does not try to torture Krish, and they both are arguing with each other regarding him. Meanwhile, Krish says that he is feeling blessed that someone is fighting with him. Another side, Gautum says that they should think about Raavi neither the circumstances which happened between her and Dev in the past because it not her fault. So they do such things so it can be affected her which is not appropriate because she is broken and they have to handle her.

Pandya Store Rishita

Then She says to Gautum that he is unfamiliar with whatever she has faced, he tries to make her console by saying that she does not look good in these gestures. Meanwhile, Gautum says that if she will not give respect to others, so she can not expect to get respect from them. Gautum says that he saw Raavi from her childhood, she is a too nice girl and for him, she is just a kid. If she makes a friendship with her so she will shower her life, and says that he has faith that they both will become good friends soon.

After that, Rishita apologizes due to her worst behavior, and Gautum smiles that everything is sorting out gradually. Another side Prafulla is still on the way to the mansion along with Suman and Anita, Then Suman taunts her that whenever she will feel better she can continue and she goes with Anita from there. Then Dhara asks Gautum that how he made her understand her mistake, then he replies that they both are kids for him who need someone to show them the right path.

The Krish comes to Raavi and asks her about love, she makes him understand that when someone falls in love so everything seems overwhelming. He wonders that he did not feel this kind of activity yet, and spontaneously she asks why he is asking this to her. He replies that just for general knowledge, then Raavi asks what he is hiding from her. Then he goes from there, by making an excuse that wind is spreading so she should stay here, and runs from there. Then Shiva comes on the terrace and sees that Raavi is enjoying the breeze.

Then extempore she looks at him and holds his hand and he says that he came here to have fresh air. Then he says to her that she should call Prafulla and she says that she does not need to make a call to her. Another side, Dhara says to her uncle that she wants such things for the shop. Then she says that does he forget something and meanwhile gives a purse to him. He says that Shiva and Raavi need to go on vacation, then Rishita looks at Raavi and apologizes to her. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 07:30 Pm.

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