New Among Us has a missing ‘Start’ button bug, fix coming for iOS and Android

Multiplayer game Among Us may have exploded in popularity following lockdowns in most countries due to the novel coronavirus pandemic to become one of the most played games last year, but it suffers from the occasional bug just like any other piece of software available on the web. Recently, gamers discovered that there was a bug in the latest update, preventing mobile users from starting a game.

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Usually, a bug in a game will prevent a player from progressing past a certain point, like the old story bug on Cyberpunk 2077 where a player never receives a call from a character freezing the game progress. However, in this case, the bug on Among Us is unmissable and visible to all players — the Start Game button is simply missing.

The missing start game button affects users on both Android and iOS, who are using the latest version of the game on their smartphones. The bug doesn’t affect desktop computers, where users are able to start games normally. It is difficult to understand how such a glaring bug escaped the attention of the developers while releasing an update on both platforms

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However, the developers of the game have quickly acknowledged that the bug exists, and have offered two workarounds for the time being, while a small patch is worked on. Mobile users who are unable to access the start button can link their Discord account in the Settings menu, or they can ask non-mobile users to host a lobby instead, according to the developers.

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