Meowscles returns in ‘Meowscles In Toona Trouble’

The hunky cat of Fortnite returns for another run, this time having an old-school look. Meowscles returns in the Fortnite store as a new character that players can buy with their V-Bucks.

Fortnite‘s Meowscles returns in the Store

Fortnite‘s Meowscles hasn’t been around for a long time. But this old-timey character has returned complete with a new short animation. In ‘Meowscles In Toona Trouble’, we see the muscular cat character in an old-school black and white cartoon. If you’ve liked Cuphead but not old enough to remember these types of cartoons, then now you know that cartoons used to look like this. The old-timer cat has finally returned but with a new look. If you like his drip, then you can get him now on the Fortnite Store for 1,400 V-Bucks. This Bundle comes with the skin, an emote, and a toona-can back bling. Meanwhile, there’s another Bundle offered at 1,700 V-Bucks. The more expensive bundle comes with the skin, an emote, a toona-can back bling, an animated dumbbell pickaxe, a loading screen, and the Drop in Lobby Track.

Skins and cosmetics such as this make for the bread of butter not just for Fortnite, but for Epic Games entirely. Fortnite brought in billions of dollars over the years, single-handedly carrying the entire company’s financials. Epic’s revenues from Fortnite have covered their ludicrous spending on free game offerings and exclusive launches on the Epic Games Store. Meanwhile, EGS itself has been operating at a loss since its launch and is yet to turn a profit.

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