Me And My Depression – Trending Diary

It’s sad because we all came to existence expecting to be happy. Only you feel worse when you write at 3 am in the morning, almost as if you are opening up that sad part of your brain and the memories you put behind, the people you have lost and maybe never get to see them again, it’s sad that we can’t be accepted into society if you’re depressed or upset, everyone sees it as attention-seeking yet. when you are really gone that’s when people realise, okay something was actually wrong, the only reason I write, is to say that if you are upset it does get better and every life is worth living if you do read this please know that you are strong and keep fighting.


“It’s late at night

slowly the thoughts go heavy

the surrounding gets lonely                                     

My breathing gets Smokey

I look out the window

the city sleeps silently

no people, no cars, no life

it’s just me and my thoughts

Forcing myself to stay awake

Staring at the night stars

Light clouds cover the starry sky

Moments pass I see the twinkle

I close my eyes then drown in thoughts

While thinking of old memories,

I put on the music sing to myself

Everything gonna is alright ..

Everything gonna is alright.

it’s just the time I need to pass

it’s 6 am already

I am late for work and have to get ready 



 Why people suffer more in depression, anxiety, feeling loneliness? I thought life would be full of happiness but, as we grow, we realize how cruel life is. My Depression become a friend! In the past, they just live their life fully, why now, why, so many why’s that can’t be answered. Just laying there on the bed thinking, damn I’m growing up things aren’t like they used to be when I could just chill at home and play video games with my friends, I still have this time to do this but I don’t ever want this to end. Me being young with my friends having the time of our lives I want to grow older but at the same time, it makes me sad, really sad to think about it.

Depression and anxiety 

 “I felt diverge at that moment we surrender our thoughts

I ain’t taking medicine I’m taking mental impact

Blurry vision’ guess I just need to listen

I know your life ain’t perfect

However, I also know that you feel worthless

But it will get better

just step out of an earthquake

Cause I know you will survive

Get up under that cloud

So, you can see a new day

Also, listen to these words and the words will guide you

I’ve thought were blessed but now I see

There’s no mercy in this deep Space

I remember the good old days

To your heart times getting hard

But I’ve never lost the focus

Never lose the vision from where we start

There’s a part in my heart that tells me everything

Is going alright to the good old times”

Author: Lawrence Borah

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