Law and King are apparently the most picked characters in Tekken 7 and more interesting usage statistics shared by Katsuhiro Harada

Kunimitsu remains quite high as well, at least for online games

Longtime Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada recently admitted on the latest Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable that he’d like to start sharing more data he finds interesting about his games with fans, and apparently he’s starting to actually go forward with it.

Earlier in the week, some Tekken 7 players began to ask Harada about the character usage statistics for certain characters in the game which the Bandai Namco boss obliged with both online and offline ranks.

Kunimitsu was the first one to receive the special treatment where Harada revealed that the female ninja managed to be the ninth most-picked fighter for online in Janauary 2021, but that number did not carry over for offline matches considering she was all the way down at 38th for that a few months after her initial release.

Perhaps the most intriguing detail about the stats, however, is the fact that King is apparenty the fourth-ranked character for picks online and second place offline.

Though he didn’t specifically confirm it, Harada seems to suggest that Law is actually the number one there though both characters have been extremely popular since the days of Tekken 6.

Law’s remained a strong fighter for quite some time, but even then, being picked more than the likes of Heihachi, Jin, Kazuya and Akuma is not something I would have bet on.

While other characters apparently have significant fluctuations between their online and offline use rates, Lili mains may be the most dedicated after all since she’s at 22nd for both according to Harada.

Since Tekken 7 doesn’t really seem to keep track of this information on the consumer side like Street Fighter 5 does, these stats from the developers themselves are a decent indication of what’s going on in the game months into its fourth season.

Harada also notes that these are of course for the entire world though the spread of character choice varies a lot more between countries which the director also seems fascinated with.

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