Katsuhiro Harada reveals which members of the Mishima family are most popular in Tekken 7

I guess Lars doesn’t count

The Mishima Zaibatsu and family line have served as the focal point of the Tekken story for over 25 years now, so its members remain as some of the most popular from game to game for all of this time.

Longtime series director Katsuhiro Harada recently revealed which members of the Mishima family are currently picked the most online in Tekken 7 — and the rankings are a bit surprising depending on what you think of Heihachi.

In response to a fan question that has since been deleted, Harada states that Heihachi was in 18th place for worldwide ranked match usage this March, which actually puts him as the second-lowest among his bloodline.

The most popular of the dysfunctional family was Kazuya at second place overall though the director didn’t share who was number one this time — but there’s a good chance it was King.

Jin is the only other fighter among them to crack the top 10 with his devilish counterpart coming in a bit lower at 14th.

Interestingly, the latest member added to the family tree in Tekken 7, Kazumi, is much farther down the list at 34th out of the 51 characters currently in the game.

Kazumi is usually seen as among the strongest competitively in the game for years now with players like RB|Arslan Ash winning multiple majors with her although it doesn’t appear to have boosted her overall popularity much.

Considering Kazumi’s strong connection to Tekken 7’s story and her canonical death, her inclusion in future titles isn’t a given, especially if she’s not as high of a player choice right now.

As for who’s actually performing the best online, Harada previously revealed it’s Ganryu who now has the top win percentage, and Gigas used to previously hold that title as well.

This information comes as Harada has been speaking out about sharing more developer data with fans to help them get more context for their questions and get more of a behind the scenes look at what his team is seeing compared to the public perception.

Even if a fighter like Gigas is performing really well online, that doesn’t mean Bandai Namco is going to rush in and nerf him down.

On the contrary, Harada says that he takes player feedback and reactions just as much, if not more seriously than what the hard statistics show.

Between the likes of Capcom, Arc System Works and now Harada at Bandai Namco, fighting game developers are being more open than ever about what they’re seeing in their titles, which hopefully leads to even better communication in the years to come.

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