Jasmin Bhasin says people don’t understand difference between arrogance and being busy: ‘You’re often misjudged’

Jasmin Bhasin‘s popularity has amplified after she participated in Bigg Boss 14. The actor was eliminated weeks before the finale took place, with Rubina Dilaik taking home the trophy.

She has now opened up about how one’s popularity leads to misjudgment. In a recent interview, she said that people often fail to understand the thin line between a celebrity being arrogant and being occupied with work.

“When you’re popular you’re often misjudged. There is a thin line between arrogance and somebody being too occupied with things going on professionally and personally. Sometimes unfortunately people fail to understand this. Because you are popular, because you are a celebrity you are judged by people and it is considered as arrogance,” she said, speaking with SpotboyE.

“It’s a fact that actors’ popularity, success is because of the love they receive from their audience and they never want to lose that. I’m thankful too but I don’t let fame hit my head,” she added.

Following her Bigg Boss 14 stint, Jasmin has appeared in a few music videos. The actor starred in Tera Suit and Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega with her boyfriend, actor Aly Goni. She notes that the success of the songs has propelled her career.

“Both Aly and I used to get a lot of offers but we were never sure. I always thought that I will do music videos only when I’ll be sure about it. So, when this came my way, I wanted them to do well. The success of these songs have done well to my career too because now I am getting a lot more queries for movies and web projects,” she said.

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Besides her work, Jasmin recently opened up about the struggle to find a bed for her mother. She took to Twitter earlier this month to reveal that her unwell mother needed a bed and her father had to run around to find one for her.


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