Is stranded deep multiplayer on PS4? Here is everything you need to know

As of May 2021, Stranded Deep is being provided for free for PS4 users on PlayStation Plus alongside Battlefield V. For PS5 users with PlayStation Plus, Wreckfest, Die Hard, Die Last is available for free. So is Stranded Deep multiplayer on PS4? Continue reading the article to know more about it as of the latest Stranded Deep update.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer 

Stranded Deep was created with the goal of becoming a solo experience, and that will not change anytime soon. At the very least, for console gamers. Each island has a finite amount of food and water, scarcely enough for one human, much less two. This does not alter for each update, so it’s fair to say the developers never planned for this game to be shared.

On the PC, the much lovable local co-operative mode gameplay is completely possible, but for this, the players will have to start sharing the screen. Although it does not feel like a true co-op game, it is still a lot of fun and good enough for two friends to play together. Ensure that a controller is attached to the PC before beginning a Stranded Deep co-op game. One player will use the mouse and keyboard, while the other will use the joystick. Two joysticks can also be used so it totally depends on your preference. Players can go to the Inputs option in the Options menu to ensure that Stranded Deep recognises the second controller. Make sure the ‘None’ next to the controller is replaced with ‘P2.’

There’s no news about when or if the co-op will be added to the console versions of Stranded Deep, but it’s definitely possible in future updates. For those using a PC, you must first attach a controller to your device. It doesn’t matter whether you do this before or after the game is going. Now that you’re ready to play, you’ll need to start a new game in order to access the split-screen, multiplayer co-op on PC. Click “Singleplayer” to the right of “Mode,” and the game will switch to “Cooperative,” with a new avatar appearing on the screen.

IMAGE: Beam Team Games

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