Is Among Us On PS5 & PS4 Free

Missing from some of the world’s most popular game consoles, Among Us will be heading to PS4 and PS5 in 2021, and its price is unlikely to change.

From the way people talk about it, it’s easy to imagine Among Us as being on every modern game system. In truth, it’s only on a few platforms: PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. An Xbox version is still in the works, as is the newly announced PlayStation port, which is launching sometime in 2021. Some details about Among Us on PlayStation are still under wraps, including its price, though it’s easy to guess whether it will be free based on previous versions of the game.

The PlayStation version will support both PS4 and PS5 and will include the content of every other Among Us release, such as the Airship map and character customization DLC. As a bonus, PlayStation owners will also get an exclusive Ratchet & Clank-themed skin, hat, and pet. Crossplay will enable matches with people on any other platform, but local play won’t be an option, since deception would be impossible on a single TV.

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While there’s been no official announcement yet, it’s virtually guaranteed the PlayStation port will cost $4.99. That’s how much Among Us costs on Steam, the Microsoft Store, the Epic Games Store, and the Switch eShop. The only free versions are the ones for iOS and Android – platforms that generally favor free games – where developer InnerSloth instead makes its money through cosmetic DLC.

Why Among Us Is So Inexpensive

Even if it’s not free like its mobile counterparts, $5 is still a low price for any game and is unlikely to upset or surprise any PlayStation owners interested in Among Us, especially since buying it there yields the benefits of playing on a console instead of a small phone or tablet screen. The game’s low entry cost is probably attributable not just to DLC but to InnerSloth’s size. The small indie studio employs just a few people, whereas major publishers can dedicate thousands of developers to a single project. It’s not inconceivable that Among Us might eventually go free-to-play across all platforms, though, as long as DLC sales hold or grow.

InnerSloth is likely hoping to complete several big updates before the Xbox and PlayStation Among Us releases go live, like adding six more character colors, raising the lobby cap from 10 to 15 players, and changing the meeting screen. From a development perspective, it would be wasted effort to launch console ports that would almost immediately have to be patched. There are also bugs that need to be addressed for a clean experience across platforms, like one turning crewmates into pink blobs on Google-based devices. All of these needed additions likely put Among Us PS4 and PS5 version at least a few months away.

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