Imlie 12th May 2021 Episode Written Update : Imlie Warns Anu

Star Plus Daily Soap “Imlie” 12th May Episode Written Update (Today). Lets find out what happens in today’s episode.

Star Plus : Imlie 12th May 2021 Episode Written Update 

Imlie 12th May 2021 Episode Written Update : Imlie Warns Anu

If Imlie has a problem, Nishant asks her to tell him about it. Imlie, on the other hand, claims to have a problem and inquires as to which medicine he takes. He’s talking about multivitamins. She told him that she had leukaemia, and yesterday, she found it to be a blood cancer.

He’s asking her to talk slowly. She asks why the truth has he hidden. He asks if he is the only one who hides the truth, she considers. She asked why he had not considered his family because he knew about his disease and returned home for the same reason.

Pankaj overhears your conversation and asks why, as he has been suffering from this disease, he really didn’t think about them. Nishant closes the door and asks that no one knows about it because he is receiving treatment and does not want to bother them.

Pankaj hugs him and wonders what will happen if Tauji and Taiji find out about his illness. Nishant explains that he does not want to inform them for the same reason. Imlie says she read about leukaemia and discovered that a complete cure has yet to be discovered, but she believes Nishant will be fine.

Pankaj apologises for not caring about her and sending her to someone else’s house, but she is still thinking about them. Imlie says that when she came here and didn’t have a place to live, they gave her a place in their hearts, and she considers them dear ones wherever she goes.

She advises Nishant to believe in himself and leave the rest to God. She walks away satisfied. Pankaj learned of Nishant’s illness; Nishant will no longer be alone. She takes Adi’s watch and recalls the incident, thinking she doesn’t have a right on his time, and perhaps there won’t be.

She keeps vigil in Adi’s room, thinking she is returning his belongings, but she cannot return his memories and must live with them.

Aparna tells her family that she tried her hardest but was unable to solve Adi and Malini’s problems. Tauji inquires as to what she is thinking. Aparna says that since they couldn’t send Adi and Malini on their honeymoon, they should send them somewhere to show them that they are made for each other.

Imlie breezes through them. Tauji comes to a halt in front of her. Tauji inquires as to what she wished to discuss with Nishant. Pankaj walks down with Nishant, says nothing, and asks Aparna what they were talking about. Aparna says she wants to send Adi and Malini somewhere alone to work out their differences.

Nishant explains that it means she wants to take them out on a date. Aparna suggests that the date be kept a secret so that no one knows about it. Tauji invites Imlie to accompany them. Rupali asks Imlie to accompany her because no one else wants her to join them except her and papa.

Imlie walks away, explaining that she is running late for college. Imlie goes back to Anu’s house, recalling Aparna and Rupali’s words. Anu mishandles her and claims that Malini and Adi cancelled their honey because of her; what did she tell Adi, and why did he go to him? Daadi attempts to save Imlie.

Anu declares that she will not leave Imlie until she responds. Imlie stammers that she had some work to do. Anu pushes her by her hair on the ground and tells Daadi that she is supporting a liar who is ruining her granddaughter’s life; Imlie aspires to be a homebreaker like her mother and tries to slap her.

Imlie grips her hand angrily and warns her not to mention her mother or else she will forget she is Malini’s mother. Anu claims that a shameless girl is threatening her and that she is making a big mistake. Imlie responds that she is making a mistake by dragging her mother into the mix; just because she is quiet doesn’t mean she can’t respond.

Anu yells at the characterless girl, who acts innocent and helpless in front of Dev, and hypnotises Adi into destroying his own house. Imlie says she can if she so desires. Anu inquires as to what she meant to say. Imlie, with a grin on her face, says she can ruin her daughter’s life if she wants to, and her daughter got her right because she didn’t ask her right.

As a servant, Anu advises her to stay within her bounds. Imlie exclaims that after she became naukrani, her daughter has become bahurani. Anu inquires as to what she said. Imlie walks away with a proud smile on her face, claiming that she said exactly what she wanted to say.

Anu is severely injured after being struck in the head with a stick. Daadi, who had been standing quietly, unsurprised by Imlie’s responses, runs up to her and tells her that Anu has done something really wrong. Anu walks away, vowing never to forgive Imlie.

Imlie refuses to take Daadi to the hospital because she needs stitches. Imlie claims that Anu inflicted a serious injury on her and that she does not want to forget it in her life; her injury would serve as a reminder to her that she can bear pain but not insult.

Adi remembers Imlie arriving home and Anu being enraged upon seeing her, and he fears Anu will vent her anger on Imlie, so he feels compelled to speak. Malini receives Nishant’s message that there is an emergency and that she needs to get to Deer Park as soon as possible.

Adi receives Nishant’s message as well and travels to Deer Park. Malini is taken aback when she sees him and wonders what he’s doing here. He inquires as to whether she has given him a letter. She claims to have received the same letter. He claims that his family is working hard to reunite them.

Malini claims that they are unaware that it is no longer possible and attempts to flee. He pulls her aside and tells her that the time has come to expose the truth. Imlie wipes the blood from her hand, recalling Anu insulting and abusing her, and wonders why she is crying when what happened today is not a new thing.

She has known since childhood that city people regard villagers as slaves and ruthlessly torture them. Her mother truly loved her father and she is waiting for him her entire life, even if she now has to stay away from Adi. Why is she crying when what happened today is not a new thing; She believes she had to endure her mother’s insult today, while Adi is out having fun with Malini; she attempted to get Adi and Malini back together.

Adi, on the other hand, tells Malini that he adores Imlie. Malini is taken aback as she hears this.

Precap : Aditya is chastised by Malini, who asks how he got into an extramarital affair. Since I am your legal wife, I will take you to court if you cheat on me. Aditya claims that Malini is not his first wife, but Imlie is. Malini is taken aback.

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