Imlie 11th May 2021 Episode Written Update : Imlie Faces Anu

Imlie 10th May Episode Recap  : Anu accuses Imlie of following in her father’s footsteps and destroying someone’s home, and attempts to slap her. Imlie has Anu’s hand and warns that she doesn’t want to talk about her Amma, or she forgets that Anu is the mother of Malini. Anu wonders what she’s right behind Adi. Imlie screams, because she didn’t ask her right. Malini got her right. She’s only a naukrani/servant, Anu says. Imlie cries out to Malini because Bahu is naukrani.

Star Plus : Imlie 11th May 2021 Episode Written Update 

Imlie 11th May 2021 Episode Written Update : Imlie Faces Anu

The 11th May episode of Imlie begins by Imlie pondering why she is feeling so alone today. Why did they send her away when she welcomed everyone as her family? Rupy and Sundar were right. Imlie tries to avoid seeing Aditya.

Aditya approaches her and asks, “Why are you hiding from me?” I’ve already lost you a few times, and I don’t want to lose you again. Imlie believes this, but Aditya is leaving with Malini.

Aditya goes on to state that you are welcome to stay for a while longer. It seems that you and Anu have a strong bond now. Imlie claims that her work is finished, which is why she is leaving.

Aditya inquires as to why he has come to the Tripathi home. Imlie keeps quiet about Nishant. Imlie is about to leave when Aditya asks if he should drop her off. Imlie says, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Aditya won’t stop thinking until he tells Malini the truth: he won’t go to meet Imlie.

Anu dials Imlie’s number and instructs her to give her a foot massage. Imlie concurs. Anu tells a storey about a friend who fired a maid because she was dating the house’s owner.

Meethi is humiliated by Anu, who claims she lacks character. Imlie is following in the footsteps of her mother. Imlie takes a firm stance, claiming that my mother has only ever loved one person genuinely and that she is a pure soul. Dev’s mother attempts to silence Anu, but Imlie informs her that she is strong enough to stand up for her mother.

Dev also mocks Anu for dragging Meethi into this. Anu inquires, “Why are you standing up for Imlie’s mother?” My father abandoned my mother, according to Imlie, but she never spoke ill of him. Meethi, she claims, is a goddess to her. Imlie, Dev says, I am proud of you.

Dev tells Imlie that her father travelled to Pagdandiya to meet Meethi, but she declined to accept his assistance. Dev informs Imlie that his father may be a coward or a compromiser. Anu inquires as to how you came to know so much about Imlie’s mother.

Dev responds that it doesn’t matter. But you’re not going to speak ill of Imlie’s mother any longer. Satyakam arranges for two tickets for him and Meethi to travel to Delhi. Meethi and Satyakam are asked by Dulari where they want to go.

Meethi is teased by her for spending the night with Satyakam. Meethi was ill, according to Satyakam, and she passed out there. Dulari tells him, “I’m well aware of all your lies.” Satyakam keeps her at gunpoint and tells her, “I’m going to Delhi to serve justice, and I’m going to start by killing you.”

Dulari becomes frightened. Satyakam is stopped by Meethi, who tells him not to threaten anyone with a pistol. You’ll never be able to do anyone justice. Satyakam claims that if anything bad happens to Imlie, he will not accept it. Imlie recalls Dev’s words to Sita Maiya.

She promises to speak with Meethi about her father’s return. Imlie says she’ll meet Meethi and track down her father to find out why he abandoned Meethi.

Anu informs Dev that she wishes to transport Aditya and Malini to the airport for their honeymoon. So the driver will not drop Imlie off at college today. Anu instructs him not to tell Imlie about it.

Dev claims he dislikes intruding into people’s private lives. Imlie is told by Dev to ignore Anu if she taunts her. Dev departs for work. Imlie considers meeting Nishant before starting college.

Nishant advises Aditya to reconsider going on honeymoon because they can still make the flight. Malini claims that changing the location will not make our differences disappear. It will remain unchanged.

Anu arrives at the Tripathi residence and is astounded to learn that Malini and Aditya have cancelled their honeymoon. Anu screams angrily at Malini, “What is the reason?” Meanwhile, Imlie walks in and tells Nishant that she needs to talk to her right away.

Anu points to Imlie and says, “The reason for cancelling the honeymoon is here.” She also blames Tripathis for failing to bring Aditya and Malini together. Anu declares that she will do everything she can to bring Aditya and Malini closer together.

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