How to visit Fortnite’s new POI Isla Nublada: Location, Orelia NPC

Isla Nublada is a new island in Fortnite, and fans are likely to be looking for this new Point of Interest today, especially due to the fact that it houses a new NPC called Orelia.

This new edition comes as part of the Fortnite v16.40 update, which arrived earlier today after some Fortnite server downtime.

But where is Fortnite’s Isla Nublada POI and what are you likely to find there? Read on for all the details!

How to find Isla Nublada in Fortnite

Isla Nublada can be found in Fortnite fairly easily, you’ll be pleased to hear! Head to the south side of the main island and you should see it just below Flush Factory on your map. See the map below and note the position of the little blue marker, and you should be fine!

Isla Nublada is just off the southern shore of the main island.

Isla Nublada is just off the southern shore of the main island.
Epic Games

Where is Orelia in Fortnite?

Inside the ancient ruins on Isla Nublada, you’ll find a new non-playable character called Orelia, who’s linked to an fan favourite called Oro.

As the developer from Epic Games recapped in an official blog post: “When Oro’s reign began in Chapter 2 Season 2, taking the throne with him was the equally-prosperous Orelia. Choosing to remain in the skeletal shadows until now, Orelia has emerged on the Island to augment their already-brimming treasury.”

Visit Orelia and you'll get some goodies.

Visit Orelia and you’ll get some goodies.
Epic Games

There are a few goodies you can gain if you give Orelia some gold bars or best her in combat. The main one is the Golden Skar Assault Rifle, a snazzy new weapon that is only available if you visit Isla Nublada and interact with Orelia.

Or, if you happen to be wearing a Lara Croft skin when you visit Isla Nublada and talk to Orelia, you’ll be able to earn a new golden outfit for Lara.

Either way, it’s well worth heading over to Isla Nublada and meeting up with Orelia while this event is running! Like most things in Fortnite, it won’t last forever, even though an official end date has not been announced yet.

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