How to Get Domain for $1 from Go daddy?

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the address that a user types into their browser’s address bar to access your website publicly from anywhere in the world. As a result, keep in mind that the more memorable and appealing a domain is, the more people would want to visit your website.

Users are more likely to recognize domains that are short and attractive. However, the main fact is that until now, all of the best domains have been licenced, with just a few remaining. So register your domain as soon as possible.

How to Buy Cheapest .com Domains from GoDaddy?

We all know that GoDaddy is a very popular & trusted Global TLD & CC TLD Domain Registrar. But if you can look at their domain pricing then you might see a bit of difference than other registrars.

So here is a Trick to to get Go daddy Domain for $1,

Step 1: Visit GoDaddy Official Website.

Step 2: Search for your .com Domain in the search box. If it’s available don’t forget it to add it in your cart. Then proceed to payment.

Step 3: Next, Create A New GoDaddy Account. Don’t worry it’s free.

Step 4: Delete all unwanted goods from your cart, leaving only domain and a one-year registration period. The next step is to use a promo code.

Step 5: Use the Promo code: GDD99COM1 & click on Apply Button. Before proceeding for payment make sure that the currency is in USD or not in any other currency. Then you will get your cart total is $1.00 USD.

Step 6: Complete your payment within a moment and be the owner of your domain name.

Congratulations on your achievement! You’ve now successfully purchased a Cheapest .com Domain from GoDaddy for a very low price. Isn’t it incredible?

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