How to Close HDFC Bank Account [Complete Guide 2021] HindiFunFacts

  • How to close an HDFC bank account with a negative balance?

If your account was in negative balance mode due to bank charges or minimum balance charges, leave the account as it is. We will suggest here that in that case, the account will become dormant and in some time the Bank will close such an Account.

On the other hand, if some overdraft charges have occurred with your account, you have to pay them before closing the account. Outstanding overdraft charges can impact your CIBIL score.

What are the requirements for HDFC account closure?

  • Customer has to submit the passbook, checkbook, and debit card issued by the bank.
  • Mandate form for Account closing
  • Payment of Account closing charges
  • We also suggest our customers make copies of all the documents before handing them over to the bank. By doing so you can save your documents from being misused.

How much time it will take to close my account?

It takes around one week to close the HDFC bank account but in some cases, it can take more. If you have any unsettled or disputed balance with the bank, this process can take much more time.

HDFC Bank Customer Care NumberYou can call 1800-266-4332 for any further information related to the account. Also can write a mail to

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