How much do you need to pay for a Rs 15L super top-up health plan? Compare offers

If you’re looking to purchase a super top up health insurance plan, here’s a list of a few insurance products offering Rs. 15 lakh coverage with a deductible of Rs.5 lakh.

Many who own health insurance protection are often concerned about the adequacy of their health plan’s sum insured, especially in these pandemic-stricken times of heightened uncertainties amid skyrocketing hospitalisation costs. But increasing the coverage of their health plan could be an expensive affair. However, a super top up plan can solve this problem in a highly cost-effective manner, especially if it’s purchased at a younger age.

super top up medical plan is similar to a regular health insurance policy as both cover hospitalisation costs subject to coverage limits among other terms and conditions. However, a super top up plan comes with a predefined deductible limit and it covers costs only above this deductible limit. Meaning, medical costs below the deductible limit need to be borne out of pocket or through a regular medical insurance policy.

The point being, the cover size of your regular health insurance plan should ideally be equal to or more than the deductible limit of your super top-up plan for complete protection and peace of mind.

It’ll also be worthwhile to note here that it’s this deductible limit that makes super top up plans available at relatively affordable premiums in most cases. They might also be a better option than top up plans which offer coverage on a single-case basis while super top up plans offer coverage based on multiple eligible cases in a policy year, according to BankBazaar.

However, the premium obligation shouldn’t be the only consideration while choosing a super top up medical insurance policy. You should also compare the insurer’s claim settlement ratio, network hospitals and the shortlisted policy’s features, benefits, exclusions and waiting periods for pre-existing conditions to make an informed decision.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a super top up health insurance plan, here’s a list of a few insurance products offering Rs. 15 lakh coverage with a deductible of Rs.5 lakh. We have also provided the indicative annual premiums calculated for a 30-year-old individual residing in Bengaluru for each of the policies mentioned in the table below.

Do note, the premiums applicable to you could be different based on your age, gender, income, medical history, smoking habits, pre-existing conditions, place of residence, policy coverage, deductible limit, features or any other terms and conditions of your chosen insurer.

Annual Premiums For Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans With Rs 15L Coverage (Rs 5L Deductible)

Disclaimer: Data pertains to individual super top-up health insurance cover of Rs 15 lakh with Rs 5 lakh deductible, premiums for which have been calculated for a 30-year-old individual residing in Bengaluru. Data collected on May 11, 2021. Data is indicative and the actual premium and information may vary from the data mentioned in the table. *Deductible=Rs. 6 lakh. Data compiled by, an online marketplace for loans, credit cards and more.

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