Hina Khan Tests Negative For COVID-19, Interacts With Fans In An Instagram Live Wearing Her Dad T-Shirt

Mumbai: Hina Khan who was earlier tested positive for coronavirus has now been tested negative. She shared the news with her fans during an Instagram live and said that she is ‘on the road to recovery.’ Hina also added that she did not take precautions while travelling back to Mumbai after her father’s death. “I am fine, but I think, while returning from Srinagar, I did not really take any precautions. I was not in a state of mind, which is why whatever happened, happened. But thank god, my family tested negative. I know I did not take precautions while coming back and it resulted in me testing positive. But that is okay, I am pretty okay now, I have tested negative,” Hina said during the live session. Also Read – ‘My Dear Daddy I Miss You’: Hina Khan Shares Loving Memories of Late Father Through Old Photos

Hina also mentioned that even though she has been tested negative, but there’s weakness and have some cough and some heaviness in her chest. ”Sometimes, I feel like I am about to faint,” she added. Also Read – Hina Khan on Nikki Tamboli’s Brother’s Death: ‘I Know How It Feels, No One Can Replace a Lost Family Member’

During the Instagram live, Hina also talked about her late father and said that she is daddy’s strong girl. ”I am very strong, I am my daddy’s strong girl. I am wearing his T-shirt. He is there, everywhere,” Hina said.

Earlier this month as well, Hina shared another note on her father’s death and called herself helpless. “A Helpless Daughter Who can’t even be with her mother to comfort her, when she needs her the most..Dear people times are tough very tough for not just us, but everyone around..But thrs a saying, Tough times don’t last, Tough people do..🙏 And I am, was and will always be my Daddy’s Strong Girl..Send in your prayers plz Let thr be light..Dua,” she wrote.

Hina was tested positive for coronavirus on April 26. Back then, she took issued a statement that read, “In these extremely difficult and challenging times for me and my family, I have tested positive for COVID-19. Following the guidance of my doctors, I have home quarantined myself and taking all necessary precautions. Requesting everyone who came in contact with me to get themselves tested. All I need is your prayers. Be safe and take care.”

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