Himachal Pradesh government’s efforts for Covid patients impress Rubina Dalaik

“To surive Covid in a pandemic gives you a motivating boost. With that spirit, it becomes easier to tackle the illness or recovery,” says Rubina Dilaik, who contracted Covid-19 recently and has been recovering at her home in Shimla. The actor has a lot of weakness and joint ache and knows it will take a month to return to her original strength.

She adds, “When I learnt I had Covid, I wasn’t afraid, donating plasma was on my mind. The scenario in the country is such that 80-90% of the population will contract Covid-19. That is an inevitable reality as per statistics. If we have to face it, we better do it with a steadfast stance instead of fear or anxiety of the virus. I understand it is better said that done. Fear works on your mind and affects your body.”

She reveals that though she’s okay being alone but her isolation period was better after 10 days, when her sister joined her in quarantine, which was a good moral support. Dilaik did miss her husband-actor Abhinav Shukla, who is shooting for a reality show in South Africa. “Pehle bimar hote the, toh mummy chahiye hoti thi. Ab aisa lagta hai that your loved one should be around, holding you. But that is not possible as you are in isolation (laughs). That thought makes you a bit weak. I felt he was with me in spirit though he’s been more worried than ever. He arranged everything for me, from medicines to tests to checkups to oxygen cylinders on stand by etc. He kept tabs on my health and made contingency plans etc.,” she shares.

While the current Covid situation is grim and hard-hitting and the actor, too, has been keeping an eye on the numbers. Many of her close relatives, friends and acquaintances have contracted Covid, though their severity varies from mild to moderate to serious. “Some are hospitalised and recovering. But hearing about your loved ones and this gloomy situation, all one can do is pray,” she says.

During this experience, she admits that looking at people amplifying requests, creating awareness about fundraisers, and even personally helping people is heartwarming. “Each one helping others is just wonderful. I am doing my best, locally and helping people in the area. I am very impressed with the Himachal Pradesh government’s efforts for Covid positive patients, which I have seen first hand. NGOs take care of everyone and everything, including santisation, providing medicines, cleaning the waste, getting tests done, ambulance service for people who need it, too. They have maintained order in the lockdown and sealed the borders. The way they have managed the pandemic has been commendable. There is focus and attention on the scene and they are steadfastly working towards helping people. Never have I seen humanity so united,” she concludes.


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