Google Will Have 80 Million Android TV And Google TV Remotes Out There, And You’ll Be Holding One

Google has a solution for you misplacing the TV remote. There will soon be a TV remote built into Android on your phones, which will let you control any device that runs the Android TV or Google TV smart TV platforms. This will include TVs and media players. The TV remote baked into Android will give you most of the functionality that you’d otherwise need a remote for, including power on or off, opening and navigating menus and even filling in on-screen boxes for login and passwords. Google says this functionality will be available for more than 80 million Android TV or Google TV devices and will work on all Android phones running Android 11 or Android 12 versions. But before you think of this as a new feature, important to note that it isn’t. This is an update for the Remote app already available.

Google doesn’t say exactly when, but this will be a significant update that’ll replace the current Remote app that Google has listed on the Play Store for Android phones. The current app is quite limited in terms of functionality, and it is no surprise that it hasn’t really caught on with users. There will be included options for Google Assistant as well. At this time, there are a lot of TV makers who are selling smart TVs running Android TV or Google TV, including Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus, TCL, HiSense and Philips, to name a few. This will be good news for Android TV users, particularly because your friends with an Apple TV would have probably already shown off the ability to control that with the Apple iPhone or iPad, and not have to pick up the remote at all. These TV remote features will be rolling out on Android later this year, thought it isn’t clear exactly when, at this time.

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