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WRAL Flash Briefing

Hear the latest headlines read by WRAL’s anchors and reporters. To enable WRAL news headlines as part of Echo’s Flash Briefings, open settings from the left sidebar in the Alexa App, tap Flash Briefing, tap Get More Flash Briefing Content and search for WRAL. Once enabled, echo owners can get WRAL news by asking, “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?” or “Alexa, what’s new?”

WRAL Skill

Get even more content, including weather updates for the triangle region of North Carolina from WRAL’s team of expert meteorologists. To access WRAL news and weather, users should say: “Alexa, enable WRAL.” Echo owners also can use the Alexa app on their smartphone or tablet to enable content from WRAL. Tap Skills from the main menu, search WRAL, and enable the skill.

Once the WRAL skill has been enabled, users can say “Alexa, open WRAL”, or “Alexa, ask WRAL for the forecast” or “Alexa, ask WRAL for the news”.

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