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KatmovieHD 2020: Download Bollywood Movies for Free

KatmovieHD is popular to download all Indian Language movies. It provides you with pirated movie download links. KatmovieHD leaks movies such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, All Bollywood, and other regional movies. Also, it gives you free access to that website to download Hollywood, Hindi Dubbed Hollywood, and Tollywood movies.

In this post we will cover the below points about the KatmovieHD 2020 that will give you complete information about KatmovieHD.

  • About KatmovieHD
  • How KatmovieHD Works?
  • How to Download From KatmovieHD?
  • About KatmovieHD App
  • Best Alternatives of KatmovieHD Website?
  • FAQs about KatmovieHD

Let’s start with the introduction cum about us of KatmovieHD

KatmovieHD Hindi Bollywood Movies, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam Movies

The basic thing you know that KatmovieHD provides you movies, and those movies you can download for free. KatmovieHD website provides you piracy of movies, which are free to download. Without any restriction, you can download movies from KatmovieHD.

KatmovieHD provides Indian regional language movies such as Hindi Bollywood Movies, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam Movies. Along with them, it provides you basic TV Shows and WWE Shows; all of these media content is free to download from KatmovieHD.

The website is working fine to download movies, and then they have released the Application of the website. Same features that Website gives to the user, that are available in KatmovieHD Application Also. For those who find difficulties to download movies from a website, they can use Applications in their Android Headsets.

KatmovieHD provides piracy content, so it is always been in the radar of Government if the website is trapped to provide pirated content then Government agencies will track it, so KatmovieHD has to off their sites form their Service Provider. To resolve this ban problem KatmovieHD uploads its website with the new domain name. Currently, the KatmovieHD website has Katmovie.HD,, and domain names are active.

KatmovieHD is one of those websites which is banned by Government Site for so many times, but still, it is running smoothly On Internet. So many users are visits this website daily to download movies. That’s why it continues to change the domain name of the website, it will keep website out from cyber cell tracing and tracking.

A few years ago when KatmovieHD was launched at that time nobody was aware of this website but now it will give you tons of Movies and all of these movies is free to download. In the initial days of the website, it provides only Hollywood and Bollywood movies, and then with the times, KatmovieHD provides Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi Movies on the website.

 How KatmovieHD Works? 

Many of you have thought that how KatmovieHD Works? Because they provide free access to download movies from their website, so how can they manage Servers and Domain Names Problems? Here, we clarify to you about these Questions.

Google Adsense has promoted advertisements after checking visitors on the website. When Google Confirmed advertisement of KatmovieHD, by click and Visiting the Advertisement they earn some amount of money.

Now, think about the daily users of the Website. How much they earn from the website, and Administration of KatmovieHD running 2 or 3 website parallel so same amount of money they can earn from this third party advertisement.

The app is working the same as the website; KatmovieHD App is not available on Google Play Store, so they can put the Advertisement on App web page from other third party advertisement agencies.

Sometimes this kind of Advertisement is irritating and frustrating for the users. But if they give you free access to download movies then it is feasible.

Administrator and Properties are handling KatmovieHD; they secretly upload the theatre released movies. They handle all of these things such as server names, Website Domain names, and official legal notices of Government.

How to download movies from KatmovieHD?

In this portion, we will see step by step instructions to download movies from KatmovieHD.

Who are familiar with the KatmovieHD or any other movies download website, they can easily download movies from the Website. For a newbie, this guide will help to download movies.

The website gives free access to movies, and it is easily downloadable in KatmovieHD. You have to follow a simple procedure to download movies from KatmovieHD.

First, you have to find out the working and active website of KatmovieHD. After finding the right Domain name you have to visit their website, it will redirect on KatmovieHD Home Page.

If you know which movie you have to download then the Search bar is right there in the right top corner of the Homepage.

Type movie name there, within a couple of seconds it will give you a search result of the movie.

Find which movie you are searching for, click on that movie name and it will redirect you on another page of the website.

Two options are available on that page, one is a stream and another is Download Movie. If you want to watch then click on Stream option, then you can watch movies online.

If you want to download the movie, then click on Download Option. It will give you 2 or 3 options about file formatting. Choose the appropriate file format to download a particular movie.

The same procedure is applied in the KatmovieHD Application also. Sometimes you can explore the movie library of KatmovieHD. Surf in this movie library, you will get new movies or old movies that you want to watch but you forgot by the time.

The illegal piracy website KatmovieHD includes almost all types of movies and web series. So many categories are available on the illegal piracy website KatmovieHD. It includes 18+ Adult, Hollywood Movies, TV Shows, Animated, Dubbed Movies, WWE, Bollywood Movies, etc.

Currently, the illegal piracy website KatmovieHD is active on and There are so many popular movies and web series on the illegal piracy website KatmovieHD, it includes Lucifer, Vikings, Ozark, Hobbs and Shaw, Bad Boys For Life, Orange Black, Godzilla vs. Kong, Charlies Angels, Flash, Game of Thrones, Gemini Man, etc.

All movies and web series are available in high quality on the illegal piracy website KatmovieHD.

 About Application of KatmovieHD

The same feature that is available in KatmovieHD Website is available in KatmovieHD App. Some people don’t like to open a desktop or laptop frequently, so for those people, KatmovieHD App is easy to use.

In KatmovieHD app you can download and stream movies in Mobile Screens. KatmovieHD App is also illegal. But like website and the same media and movie content is available in App.

All Movies genre such as Adventure, Horror, Romance, Comedy, and Drama are available in KatmovieHD.

There is one problem with the KatmovieHD App; this app is not available in Google Play Store. You have to download apk of this App is from other trusted sources.

The app of the illegal piracy website KatmovieHD is not available on any legal sources like PlayStore, App Store, etc.

If the user wants to use the KatmovieHD app, then they will have to use the third-party website to download the app of the illegal piracy website KatmovieHD.

It is not safe and secure to download the app of KatmovieHD because it may contain dangerous viruses. Also, the use of illegal piracy websites or apps like KatmovieHD is illegal in India and many other countries like the US. It is a punishable crime.

So, we suggest that you should not download the app of KatmovieHD and not open or use the illegal piracy website KatmovieHD.

Best Alternative of KatmovieHD

On this topic, you might raise a question that Why we need alternatives if KatmovieHD running well to download movies?

So, the Answer is already you know, now let’s recall in brief If KatmovieHD trapped under the piracy act, at that time Administration of KatmovieHD had taken down their site from the Internet. So, in this period you can use below Alternative Website of KatmovieHD. Let’s explore a few best alternatives to KatmovieHD.

SSRMovies 2020

SSRMovies is the best website to download movies for free. It is an illegal website to download movies. This website is popular to download music videos from SSRMovies. On this website, you can download Bollywood and Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Punjabi like movies are available in SSRMovies. In SSRMovies, you can download movies in various file formats such as 360p, 720p, and Blu-ray quality.


Free website to download movies, on this website you have two options to get movies. Here, you can watch movies online, or you can download movies from several given links. Movie streaming is available in HD Quality. This website is famous to download Hindi and English Films. The current active domain name of MP4Moviez is With this domain name, you can access the website. Apart from movies, you can download music video, TV Series, and Mobile print movies is available in just 300 MB

YTS 2020

YTS is one of the best torrent file website to download latest and old movies. YTS is an illegal website to provide a torrent file for movies. In the best torrent website listing, YTS 2020 is included in the top 10 website that provides torrent files to download movies. This website is popular worldwide, and so many times this website is blocked by many countries’ governments due to Piracy problems.

Putlocker 2020

Putlocker website provides you piracy torrent file to download movies. This website is an illegal website, but you can download and streaming movies through this website. Various domain names and URL names are registered under the name of this website. Initially, this website has started giving service from the UK. This website provides all of the torrent files for free. You will get the right material from Putlocker that you desire. They earn millions of money from millions of users.


RDXHD website is popular to download Indian language movies. It gives Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, and another regional language. This website is also popular to get newly released films. This website collected the movies, web shows, TV Serials, Music videos and other media content. This website was launched in 2017, from that time it provides you with a large collection of movies in every category. If you want to explore old movies then in RDXHD those are available for free.

Madras Rockers

Madras Rockers is a public website that provides pirated movie content. This website is known for South Indian films, this website is also providing Hollywood movies in South Indian Dubbed Language. Currently,,, and are active domain names. Through a magnet link, you can directly download movies from the torrent app.


Khatrimaza is one of the best and evergreen website to download movies. As per the reports, this website is providing the highest number of torrent files in the whole world. This website is famous for the latest Hollywood and Bollywood Movies. Along with them, you can download English TV Shows, Regional Language movies from Khatrimaza. It is also promoting torrent files in the United States. A few years ago this website is trapped by Cyber cell, at that time Khatrimaza website is banned.

FAQs about KatmovieHD

Which Movie Categories are available in KatmovieHD? 

Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fiction, Tragedy, Comedy, Adventures, Documentary, Romantic, Adult, Etc are popular categories that are available in KatmovieHD.

Is it illegal to download a movie from KatmovieHD?

KatmovieHD Provides piracy of movie and it is illegal things to provide Piracy movie. If you want to surf and visiting the website then it is ok but you cannot download movie, because it is illegal to download movie from the banned site.

Which languages movies are available in KatmovieHD?

Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed Hollywood, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi and other regional languages movies are available in KatmovieHD.

Is App available of KatmovieHD?

Yes, KatmovieHD App is available; you can download all movies in App that are available on KatmovieHD Website.

Is KatmovieHD available on Google Play Store?

No, KatmovieHD is not available on Google Play Store. You have to download it from other trusted sources.

Does KatmovieHD compatible for Android Phones? 

Yes, KatmovieHD is compatible for Android Smart Phones. Along with, Android Smartphone it is compatible with Smart TV, iOS, and PC.

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