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Do you need GOOD MATH to LEARN CODING?:- Is it in 4K? Hi everyone! Welcome back again to my channel. My name is Sharif and today we are going to answer a question Do you need a good understanding of math to learn how to code? So I have asked this question on my Twitter where I did a poll and, we can see that 50% agreed that we need a good understanding of math to learn how to code We also have one comment by one of our friends with the name Ridzuan Ridzuan and he have a profile picture of an anime girl I don’t know her His comment is a bit long but the main idea is he got an A in his SPM and he will be continuing his studies in computer science field although he had no experience in it. And that is the question that we will be answering in this video.

Let’s start! So before we go even further we will be dividing it to two areas. one is taking a computer science field in uni or college and the other one is learning how to code. So these things are two different things. If you are planning to take computer science in uni or college You REALLY NEED to have GOOD fundamentals in math.

And if you got an A in your SPM that means you can safely say that you can take it. But remember, the computer science field Is very, VERY heavy in mathematics Most importantly, you should have an interest in it. So, the question for this video is learning how to code The answer is, you don’t really need to have really GOOD math you just need to have some basic, simple arithmetic operations if any.

Because programming is all about giving instructions where we write some lines of code for our program to do some tasks, For example, the usual operation that we will be doing is mostly logical not much on calculating stuff. A simple example of a logical task is we ask a robot or a machine to distribute given trash to designated labelled recycling bin based on the type of trash given So we have two labelled bins Bins for plastics and the other one is for papers.

We give the trash to the machine and it will throw it based on its categories So this task doesn’t really need to have any calculation at all It does not really have to calculate the weight of the trash What is important is the machine needs to recognize the trash and a logical operation will take place. As simple as that PROGRAMMING involve a lot of understanding how something works rather than thinking arithmetically Like how this line of code works or how this function works. So more process of understanding than doing calculation process.

If you really want to learn math just to code, the hardest thing that you should know is to understand pythagoras theorem. Pythagoras theorem is a formula to find the distance between two points, and it is very easy to understand So there is this website which explains really well on how much math you should know and it is very good although it is in Mathematics (lol) ALTHOUGH it is in English, it is pretty much easy to understand Link will be in the desctiption below.

Don’t worry Now we understand that we don’t really need much knowledge in MATH to learn how to code But then where does math belongs to, I mean where in a computer science career that we will be using math So one career in computer science where math is really needed is data scientist and data analyst.

There are more, but this is one of the examples. Because data science involve a lot of statistics which means it involve a lot of data and numbers and a lot of confusing formulas, and (WHISPER) I don’t really like statistics at all But the idea is, there is a lot of stuff you need to understand.

So those were some examples that require a good understanding of math. One job that does NOT require many bits there are SOME, but a little Usually the easy ones, which is web designer or specifically front-end developer. Their job is to design websites, doing shapes colors of a page, making their websites accessible If there is any math, it would be more towards thinking about the sizes of components like how big or small and many more. So, it’s like I would say there’s not much math stuff in it. But there is a bit Like a bit Very bit So that is one of the jobs that requires some math.

There are a lot more careers that require programming. And any jobs that will be working with data like a scientist, or a market analyst, or business people They need data and after they collected relevant data, they need something to process the data because if we ask a human help, it would be very slow but if we have a computer will process the data in a blink of an eye and provide us the required result making our job or our work life more productive and efficient. The conclusion is, you don’t need to have good understanding in math to learn how to code but if you are planning to pursue a career in computer science field then you need to be good in mathematics.

So that is all from me, and if you think this video is benificial to you, you can share it with your friends, subscribe to my channel don’t forget and see you and the next video Assalamualaikum and remember stay safe and happy coding! Bye!!

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