Did the nerfs to Fahkumram go too far in the Season 4 patch for Tekken 7?

Just like with fellow Season 3 DLC character Leroy Smith, Fahkumram was the cause of many headaches for the Tekken 7 competitive community. Despite being a large fighter, Fahkumram had some very awkward hurtbox issues that made him extremely difficult to hit consistently.

In one of King Jae‘s most recent “Teach Me Tekken 7” videos, he discusses the changes that Fahkumram received in Season 4 with Pokchop. Almost immediately, the two state how less effective the character’s back dash is after the nerfs.

It’s noted by Pokchop that Fahkumram has a difficult time sidestepping moves that are supposed to be countered with a sidestep. The newest character to join Tekken 7, Kunimitsu, is said to be a particularly hard match up for Fahkumram since there’s a need to sidestep her attacks.

This causes Pokchop to conclude that Fahkumram’s “movement has been nerfed into the ground.” This will certainly make the fighter quite a bit worse as a result of this.

His 1, 2, 1 string went from being -6 on block and +7 on hit to -10 on block to -3 on hit. Instead of being able to continue his pressure on hit, Fahkumram will now lose his turn for punishing with this string.

Overall, Fahkumaram’s kit has been greatly nerfed in Season 4. Pokchop believes that most of these changes to be “pointless nerfs” and you can see him baffled by some of the decisions in the video below:

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