Check Anupamaa Written Update 19th May 2021 Episode: Anupama Gets Restless

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we will watch that Anupama takes her report from Advaith. Anupama asks if her illness is curable or not. Advaith stunned hearing this and suggests taking her disease positively. We will soon start curing your illness. Anupama requests Advaith not to inform any of the members of her family. She says that tomorrow is Samar’s engagement and she doesn’t want to ruin his engagement celebration. She says that she will take proper care of herself and will take all of her medicine on time.

Check Anupamaa Written Update 19th May 2021 Episode: Anupama Gets RestlessAdvaith stunned seeing her behaviour, she says that I have seen numerous patient got scared after they came to know that they are diagnosed with cancer. Advaith again appreciates that you are such an inspiration for all the people. Anupama says that she has collected the courage and positivity to fight against cancer. She then writes some positive words on the note and sticks them on the dressing table. Vanraj there asks Kavya to go to return her cottage.

Kavya again teases Baa and says that she is going for now to prepare all the arrangements for her and Vanraj marriage. She then offers sweet Baa’s hand and leaves. Baa gets furious and says that Anupama and Kavya both are out of their mind. Vanraj backs Baa and says they even don’t listen to him either. Baa taunts Vanraj to make another girlfriend.

Samar speaks in between and asks Vanraj that his mother is not at fault. She is correct at her place. On another hand, Toshu comes and supports Vanraj. He says even he is right at his place. Baa says that every one of you is wrong. Vanraj asks Samar not to blind support Anupama. But Samar gives a befitting reply to Vanraj. He yells at Samar. Advaith there is looking after Anupama. He suggests her performing exercise and Yoga regularly. He also sets a diet plan for her.

Advaith then asks about her past life. Meantime, Samar comes there and asks Advaith that he is shifting with his mother. But Anupama’s tries to deny him. Anupama finally makes Samar understand that he can’t stay along with me. Anupama and Vanraj both are restless. Anupama is recalling her wedding chain continuously. Get the complete episode on Star Plau at 10 PM today. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Anupama Written Update.

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