Bharathi Kannamma 19th May 2021 Today’s Written Update: Venba’s Plans Something Evil

The latest episode of Bharathi kannamma begins with, Lakshmi thanking Bharti for everything that she has done for her. Bharti questions her what did she think? Lakshmi tells her that her mother taught her to be thankful to the person who helps us. Lakshmi reminds her first moment when she met Bharti in her village, then as Lakshmi told Bharti about her mother’s situation, they send an arrow to her village. She tells her how she has been taught and got the scholarship. The way everyone is behaving with her like Hema and showing love to her, Lakshmi tells everyone that she felt she watching her father whenever she sees Bharti.

Bharathi Kannamma 19th May 2021 Today's Written Update: Venba’s Plans Something Evil Venu says to Lakshmi that she can call him dad. Bharti never gets offended by this. Benaba does not like this. Lakshmi says to her that she can’t call her in that way because it is totally unexpected. Bharti tells her that she should not force her for her wish because she can say to him whatever she wants, she does not have any right to stop her, and that too when Venu does not have any problem with this. Venu tells Hema and Lakshmi that they ought not to break their friendship and they should live together.

Venaba takes Shaanti out of the room and tells her that there is nothing going well. Shanti says her to be calm and to wait to watch what is going to happen. Venaba says that she brought her here just because she wanted to throw Lakshmi out of the house. Now when she is considering her as her father and also appreciating her. If she leaves her then Kannamma will meet Lakshmi again. Venaba says her to get some idea and do not let them meet and get united.

Shaanti there questions Venaba, does Bharti knows who is the mother of Lakshmi? She tells her that everyone knows the reality of it just except Lakshmi and we have to keep it secret. Shaanti tells her that they should reveal the secret to Bharti then he will kick her out of the house and we will enjoy it. Venaba again questions what if Bharti starts thinking about this and misunderstands him. Shanti tells her to bring Kannamma here, and the episode ends here with this suspense. stay tuned to get more updates on this and watch it on TV tonight.

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