Arslan Ash releases his Season 4 tier list for Tekken 7

Over two years ago now FATE|Arslan Ash took the Tekken 7 world by surprise by winning Evo Japan 2019 followed by the main Evo event just months later, and he certainly hasn’t slowed down since.

After recently taking home the grand prize from the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League, Arslan has now released his Season 4 tier list for Tekken 7.

Probably to the surprise of few people at this point, Akuma is still at the very top of the list though Arslan’s choice for number two certainly might turn some heads.

The former pro wrestler turned streamer, Julia Chang, is the second strongest character in the game followed by Fahkumram.

Arslan did place her in S tier for his last Season 3 tier list, but she’s apparently leveled up since.

For his own mains, Zafina is seemingly a top 10 contender while Kazumi is a bit lower down next to the newest DLC character for the game, Lidia.

This isn’t the typical tier list format we’ve grown accustomed to seeing since characters are grouped in rows without labels, and they aren’t ordered outside of the top three.

You can check out Arslan Ash’s full Season 4 tier list below, and the top player is planning to release a video explaining his choices soon, which we’ll update here once it becomes available.

Arslan Ash Season 4 tier list image #1

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