Android Auto Cables Slowly Becoming a Thing of the Past

The adoption of Android Auto is on the rise, everybody knows this, but Google itself has come up with a confirmation during the company’s I/O conference earlier this week.

The Mountain View-based search giant has revealed that no less than 100 million cars out there can now run Android Auto, but there’s another tidbit that’s even more important for the future of the platform.

Google says that what it calls the “vast majority” of cars come with support for the wired mode of Android Auto, which means drivers would no longer have to rely on cables to run the app. And this is good news for so many reasons.

First and foremost, Android Auto wireless makes the experience overall more convenient because you can simply jump behind the wheel, start the car, and boom, Android Auto loads on the head unit without you doing anything. This means everything is a lot more straightforward, and given calls and music are streamed wirelessly as well, you’re not losing any Android Auto feature anyway.

Second of all, the wireless mode means you no longer have to rely on a cable, and boy, this is super-good news for Android Auto users. If you’ve ever used the wired version in a car, you probably know how inconsistent the whole experience can become, and more often than not, the cable is the one to blame for the whole thing.

Going all-in on Android Auto wireless means the platform would get rid of one of its biggest problems, and best of all is that even head units only supporting the wired mode can go wireless. Someone has created an adaptor called AAWireless that converts Android Auto wired to wireless, all with minimum input on your side.

Google says top carmakers like Honda, Ford, and GM are spearheading the wireless revolution, and others are likely to join the bandwagon soon, at one point making Android Auto cables a nightmare everybody wants to leave behind.

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