Aishwarya Sakhuja: Glad I didn’t have to bother Sonu Sood for arranging oxygen

The actor had a non-Covid related minor surgery and says being in a hospital during these times is tough.

PUBLISHED ON MAY 19, 2021 07:42 PM IST

Last week, actor Aishwarya Sakhuja was admitted to a Mumbai hospital after she had a minor surgery. She posted about it on her social media with a photo of a saline drip attached to her hand. When her fans and well-wishers grew concerned, she explained it was a non-Covid related hospital visit.

Talking about it, she reveals, “I had a minor surgery and was hospitalised. It was nothing crazy or big. The body is a machine and needs to be serviced every now and then. Ironically, we no longer feel safe in a hospital, such are the times and I had my concerns. But thankfully, it was a non-Covid hospital, hence we could still be a little carefree and the stringent protocol of the hospital and the staff, made it a tad bit easier to be there.”

She admits that the current Covid situation is affecting her and has also gotten her to a state of paranoia. While the numbers in Maharashtra are looking better, the actor cautions everyone that the the virus threat still looms at large. “Sometimes, I feel if I have turned into a hypochondriac in the past one and a half years. This pandemic has changed my perspective towards life- in a good way. Every day, I can only thank God for keeping me and my family safe from this ridiculous virus. It ain’t easy but there’s no point stressing, right? You can only do so much and the rest is destiny. I am glad I didnt have to bother Sonu Sood for arranging oxygen for me or my family members,” she quips.

Sakhuja was shooting in Goa for her daily TV show but had returned to Mumbai after her family was concerned for her health as she has Type 1 Diabetes and has to take absolute care of herself and her meals. Leaving work behind she admits has to be her “most difficult decision” but it had to be done. “I have two sets of parents, one in Mumbai and one in Australia. They were worried and out of their wits thinking about my well being and health. Stress at any age is not good for the body, hence I decided to take this step and bring some mental peace to my parents and in-laws. I have major FOMO and I am in touch with all my co-actors from the unit. I hope to be jabbed soon so that I can resume the show.”



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