10 PS4 Games That Deserve A Sequel

Sony’s lineup of consoles has been a runaway success in every sense of the word, with the PS4 being one of the many success stories for this company. The PlayStation 4 features an incredible library, full to the brim with some marvelous games that have cemented the console as one of the greatest pieces of hardware any gamer can own.

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Of course, given the sheer number of incredible games on the PS4, it’s only a given that most of these titles will receive a sequel in some form or the other over time. Keeping this in mind, here are ten games on the PS4 that are very much worthy of a sequel.

10 Horizon Zero Dawn

One of the biggest surprises on the PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn is a brilliant open-world title that makes the most of its post-apocalyptic setting to craft a world that is as hauntingly beautiful as it is life-threatening.

With the announcement of Horizon Forbidden West, it’s honestly refreshing to see that this game will finally witness another chapter that will expand upon Aloy’s story even further.

9 Bloodborne

bloodborne ps5 playstation store

Miyazaki might not be the biggest fan of sequels, but one can’t deny that the announcement of Bloodborne 2 would send most fans into a frenzy.

After all, Bloodborne is considered by many to be the greatest From Software game of all time, and for good reason. The lore and story of Bloodborne are truly one of a kind, with the world being fleshed out enough that a sequel can definitely be justified.

8 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

sekiro air traversal

Speaking of From Software games, one can’t help but mention the masterpiece that is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as well. Taking on a completely different identity from previous games in From Software’s library, Sekiro ends up being a wonderfully unique yet familiar experience that is a blast to play through.

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One can only hope that a sequel is announced for this title since it’s clear that people simply can’t get enough of the brilliant combat in this game.

7 Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade screenshot

Before its release, people were certainly cautious when it came to Final Fantasy VII Remake. After all, the news preceding this game didn’t exactly inspire confidence, with the idea of the entire game being situated in Midgar being rather hard for fans of the game to swallow.

However, upon release, people were more than happy with the overall quality of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Given the title’s massive success, it’s only a given that sequels for this game that focus on the remaining plot of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be made sooner rather than later.

6 Final Fantasy XV

Speaking of Final Fantasy games, one can’t help but mention one of the most infamous games in the series — Final Fantasy XV. The development of this title took a decade, but one has to admit that the quality of this game definitely doesn’t reflect this tumultuous period… barring some issues with the game’s story.

With the manner in which Final Fantasy XV ended, the sequel can look at the lives of Noctis’ friends after the liberation of Insomnia, which can be quite an interesting angle indeed.

5 Death Stranding

Death Stranding promo image

While Death Stranding is a game that polarized viewers upon release, the fact of the matter is that players who did manage to enjoy this game would obviously want to see a continuation of this title’s story.

Given just how unique Death Stranding‘s gameplay is, it goes without saying that this one-of-a-kind game would definitely benefit from a sequel that would expand upon the unique aspects of the first game even further.

4 Control

control combat jesse attacking hiss

Remedy Entertainment has always been at the forefront of developing excellent story-driven third-person shooters that can prove to be quite a blast to play through, and Control is no exception to this golden rule.

The story of the FBC and the mysteries that surround it are quite fleshed out and ripe for a sequel that can expand upon this weird phenomenon even further.

3 The Last Guardian

the last guardian cover

The wait for The Last Guardian was nothing short of excruciating, but its release more than made up for it… barring a few technical issues. The experience as players guided Trico through a series of obstacles as they uncovered the mystery of the game’s world and the origins of Trico himself.

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While one might argue that The Last Guardian was a self-contained story and doesn’t really warrant a sequel, the idea of roaming around with another cute companion like Trico is definitely an alluring prospect that would certainly intrigue fans of this title.

2 Ghost Of Tsushima

After being at the helm of the Infamous series for the longest time, it was only a given that Sucker Punch Productions would have to shift their attention to another IP if they wanted to remain relevant in the cutthroat gaming industry.

This is exactly what they managed to accomplish with Ghost of Tsushima, which was a brilliant title for the PS4 coupled with excellent open-world design and combat that was quite a blast to get through indeed. It’s clear that this series is not going to die down with a single game, and one can’t wait to see what the sequel has in store for them.

1 God Of War

The reboot of God of War is easily one of the best PlayStation 4 games of all time, featuring a gorgeous world steeped in Norse folklore coupled with an aged and mature Kratos whose character development is surprisingly well-handled… especially given how bloodthirsty he really was.

With the announcement of God of War: Ragnarok, one can only wait and see what the God of War franchise has in store for us. Given how incredible the reboot really was, fans can rest assured that Ragnarok is going to be just as great, if not better.

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